Note: Please enter all relevant restriction and permit information for every event.

511 Main Menu


The Arizona 511 system permits both Voice Recognition (speak a key word) and Touch Tone Mode. 

Dial 511 (from anywhere in Arizona)

From outside Arizona, dial 1-888-411-ROAD (7623) (toll-free)
From outside the United States, dial 1-520-200-0105 (international fees will apply)

Main Menu Choices

Say Press Action
"traffic", "road reports" 01 Road Reports
"leave feedback" 02 Leave audio feedback on the AZ511 system
"more choices" 03 List more options
"transit providers" 083 Transfer to select transit providers
"airports" 084 Transfer to select AZ airports
"tourism agencies" 085 Transfer to AZ tourism agencies
"state parks","national parks", "parks" 086 State and National Park information

In voice recognition mode, you can also say the name of any highway (with direction), or a metro area to go directly to a road report for that highway or area:
  • "I-10 Westbound"
  • "Phoenix"
  • "US-93 South"
  • "Flagstaff"

How can I navigate through the system to get the information I need more quickly?

You may interrupt the system at most menus if you already know what your choice is. You do not need to wait until the end of a menu before making a selection.
There are also voice command and touchtone shortcuts that let you bypass the current menu and take specific actions:
Say Press Action
"Help", "What are my choices?" * List of all choices for the current menu
"Main Menu" *6 Return to the Main Menu
"repeat" 00 Repeats the last menu
"stop","cancel", "go back" *2 Halts the current menu and returns to the previous menu
"goodbye" *4 Ends the call
  *8 Switch from voice recognition to touchtone mode, or vice-versa

How do I get help?

Say "help", or "What are my choices?" at any time to hear the options for the current menu. To return to a previous menu, say "go back." To start over your call from the beginning, say "Main Menu."

What information will I find on the AZ511 system?

AZ511 provides information on:
  • Emergency alerts about major transportation problems
  • Traffic conditions and travel times
  • Work zones and construction reports
  • Border crossings
  • Personalized point-to-point traffic routes via My AZ511
  • Convenient transfers to:
    • Airports
    • State and National Parks
    • Tourism Agencies
    • Transit Providers

How current is the information?

Information on traffic conditions is constantly changing. Traffic incidents, road construction and maintenance reports, and speed data are updated within minutes of being provided by the relevant state agency.

How does AZ511 differ from the travel information on radio and television?

The AZ511 traveler information phone system complements radio and television broadcasts. With AZ511, you can expect to receive more detailed, current, and route-specific traffic information than is provided in short traffic news segments. Additionally, the AZ511 phone system can provide you with information on-demand, as you need it, at any hour of the day. Additionally, the AZ511 system provides information on border crossings, the parks system, and other services not regularly covered by the media.

What is an incident?

Incidents are any traffic event that disrupts the normal flow of traffic, including accidents, vehicle breakdowns, road debris, and similar. In extreme cases, incidents may require a roadway to be closed.

Can there be delays without an incident?

Yes. Delays can occur due to high traffic volume, bad weather conditions, construction, or special events such as sporting events, parades, or concerts.

When can I call the AZ511 system?

The AZ511 phone system is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

How much does it cost to make an AZ511 call?

AZ511 does not charge for the call. Calling AZ511 from a landline telephone will cost the same as making a local call. If you use a mobile device, airtime and roaming charges may apply.

Will I be able to use AZ511 anywhere in the state?

AZ511 is available all across Arizona. Telephone service providers are responsible for routing AZ511 calls to the service. Contact your telephone company if you are unable to reach the AZ511 service.

What languages does the AZ511 system use?

Information in the AZ511 phone system and website are presented in English.

Can I call the AZ511 service using a cell phone while I'm driving?

Use of a handheld mobile device while driving is dangerous. If you must contact AZ511 while driving, use a hands-free microphone while putting safety first.

Can I speak to an operator to get information?

The AZ511 phone service is an automated, interactive voice system drive by the user's voice or touchtone keys. Voice recordings will give the latest information. There are options to transfer to specific transit providers for additional information not offered directly through AZ511.